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Should a Christian? - Moral and ethical issues for Bible believers

Christians often face areas where many would question 'What does a Christian do'? You really desire to do the right thing, but in some areas it is difficult to understand what the Lord would want of us to do.

When considering the question 'Should a Christian' and what God’s Word says about any particular subject, we sometimes find no direct commandments on that matter; then we will have to look into biblical principles to give us direction on moral and ethical issues for Bible believers. Further, what do we do when we find God’s Word silent on a particular area.

The Bible would not have enough room to include every possible situation that we could be faced with. It is with careful study of the Word, with guidance from the Holy Spirit, and sometimes some loving guidance from other mature Christians that can help steer us, when we are faced with tough sticky situations or dilemmas.

--Should a Christian celebrate halloween
--Should a Christian celebrate christmas
--Should a Christian celebrate birthdays
--Should a Christian celebrate passover
--Should Christians carry guns and weapons
--Should Christians fight in a war
--Should Christians protest for a cause
--Should Christians be involved in politics

What does the God's word in the Bible say about these and many other matters. To look at all individual matters is not even remotely possible but to consider what scripture has to say about some topics; then applying these principles to everyday life dilemmas is very possible. Asking the question 'What should a Christian do about' or 'What should I do'; that will glorify God and be of a good witness to man is the primary goal. Please check out the rest of this site; and also my other site has a few pages that address some similiar issues on moral and ethical issues for Bible believers; some of the most popular pages being 'Considering Moral Dilemmas' and 'How should a Christian Dress'; these can be found here at Gods Mercy and Grace

Please check over my various messages and other resources. Do not just take my word for it, look into God's word yourself and see what the word says, not just what I say. After all I am just a sinner saved by grace. I attempt to give an accurate presentation of the word; but being the imperfect person I can make mistakes. Remember God's Word is the final authority over anything that any one says.

May you be blessed by the reading of God's Word.