God's handywork

Communicating with God

Some would question if it is possible to truly communicate with God. This may be one of the most important questions in the world today. As Christianity and Christian values come under attach from so many directions, it becomes increasingly important to establish a relationship with God through Salavtion, build a relationship of communication with Him as we come to experience God, nurture a love relatioship with God and work out our salvation in faith.

Learning to walk with God is one of the most freeing privileges a Christian can enjoy. Learning the talk with God in prayer, listening to Him, and living out your walk of faith with Him is one of the best experiences one can know. God is alive and wants us to have an intimate relationship with us. The Bible says in James 4:8a "Draw near to God and He will draw near to you."

As you journey through my various messages tolearn more about how God works in our lives may we begin to build a deeper and deeper relationship with Him, the most important relationship in all of life. May these messages cover many of the essentials of communication with God as we enter the process.

May we walk through these messages as you browse this site and learn together to walk daily with our Lord, Jesus Christ. Experience God today.