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Five Crowns in the Bible and a Christians Eternal Rewards

There are five Crowns which can be given to believers, found in the scriptures.

1. The incorruptible crown: 1 Cor. 9:24,25. This crown is given to believers who faithfully run the race, who crucify every selfish desire in the flesh and point men to Jesus.

2. The crown of rejoicing: 1 Thess. 2:19, 20. & Dan 12:3 To those who faithfully are witnesses to the saving grace of God and leads souls to Jesus.

3. The crown of life: James 1:12. For those believers who endure trials, tribulations, and severe suffering, even unto death Rev. 2:8-11.

4. The crown of righteousness: 2 Tim. 4:8. To those who love the appearing of Christ, who anxiously wait and look forward to the day when He will return for His saints.

5. The crown of glory: 1 Pet. 5:1~4. This is the pastorís crown and will be given to the ministers who faithfully feed the flock of God.

This is the very basics about the 5 crowns. If you desire to read a more detailed and comprehensive study on this subject check out more on my website below. Understanding about the Five Crowns is good; but being the Christian God wants us to be, is taking what we know and putting it all into practice in our everyday lives. To learn more about this, please check out the link below, to see a list of messages on various biblical topics; as well as more about the 'Five Crowns in the Bible and a Christians Eternal Rewards'